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Banateana Restaurant Complex

Menu selection

Menu selection
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Banateana serves a rich array of international dishes, some 200 different recipes, from the Italian, French and traditional Romanian cuisines.

From pan-fried frog legs to carpaccio or peasant-style polenta pudding with Moldavian meat sauce, Banateana has it all. One thing is sure about our cuisine: most recipes served by restaurants all over Europe are likely to be found in our menus.

How well we do them ? That's for you to come in and taste them. We're awaiting both your visit and your expert verdict !

Dining al fresco at Banateana is quite an experience

Chef's Choice

* Beef Medallion in Apple Sauce

* "Marvel" Chicken - chicken breast with wild berries, walnut and broccoli

* Pork Chops with Country-style Potatoes and Pickles

* "Fantasy" Chicken Schnitzels with ham and vintage cheese

* Salmon Blinis with sour cream


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